Maarten Louman

co-founder Dappre



co-founder Dappre BV, managing partner at DigitalMe BV, co-founder of Qiy Foundation.




08/2018 - 11/2019
(1 year, 3 months)
As co-founder of Dappre I'm proud that Dappre is proving that privacy can make a difference. Dappre, the loyalty and gift cards app that respects your privacy, is growing fast! At DigitalMe I'm focusing on advisory, strategic alliances, government alliances and marketing and communication. I am one of the founders of Qiy Foundation as I believe things will have to change in the digital world. More and more people and organisations are adopting the idea to give people control over their personal data. I have a strong interest in interaction processes: between people and between people and machines. Interfaces, communication logics, reaching goals. I am an expert in the field of digital communication, both in the online and digital signage industry. On the mantelpiece there are several prizes that we have won in the gaming industry and with digital signage solutions.

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