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We have looked at the traditional practices of the financial markets and their deeply ingrained habits. Because of greater regulatory scrutiny and the reluctance of banks to lend, it has become harder and harder for companies to get funding. Meanwhile, traditional IPOs and listings are time-consuming, painful and expensive, and don’t always work out as planned. By contrast, hard-working individuals who have saved money are faced with record low interest rates, which don’t yield sufficient income. There’s a huge gap in the market to fill.

With the latest technology and the required permits at our disposal, we have all the tools we need to change the way the traditional capital markets run — for the better. Using the power of the Internet, decentralized protocols, social networks and ongoing technological developments, we have the ability to decentralise the means of investment and give investors the power to self-organise and shape the world the way they want. - The future is now.



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Instellingen kunnen hun individuele klantengelden helder afgescheiden aanhouden bij een bank die onder het reguliere toezicht valt. Daardoor is er automatisch transparantie en dalen hun administratieve lasten.

Jan Bart de Boer
Chief Commercial Officer bij ABN Amro Clearing Bank

We hebben de afgelopen weken kunnen constateren dat het Nxchange platform een geweldige uitkomst biedt aan snelgroeiende ondernemingen die op deze manier een gecombineerde financiering kunnen realiseren van een reguliere banklening met verhandelbare effecten waar particuliere investeerders op in

Laurens Withagen
CEO Billink Holding B.V.

Het mooie resultaat voor Billink stemt ons heel tevreden en bewijst dat er interesse is vanuit particuliere investeerders. We verwachten dan ook dat we deze vorm van financieren snel kunnen door ontwikkelen voor meer klanten van Rabobank en gaan op volle kracht verder met deze pilot.

Marcel Gerritsen

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Company Nxchange Holding B.V.
Address Herengracht 450
1017 CA, Amsterdam, NL
Website nxchange.com
Press Release
Mar 11 2020
Completion first tranche pre-IPO round
Nxchange Holding B.V. was followed by Steyn Afman
June 26 2020 14:10
Nxchange Holding B.V. posted an important announcement
March 11 2020 19:09

Completion first tranche pre-IPO round

Nxchange is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the first tranche of the pre-IPO round.

A total amount of Eur 940k is raised in NXPRs and Nxchange is finalising the last negotiations with a future strategic shareholder.

We would like to thank all of you for your s


Previous funding

€1,165,841.00 investors
Raise source: equity, June 2019
€840,660.00 investors
Raise source: equity, January 2019
€910,000.00 investors
Raise source: equity, March 2018


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