The Next Generation Stock Exchange

We help issuers raise capital directly within their community

The first stock exchange as a service

The first fully regulated Stock Exchange as a service that can be used by companies, exchanges and financial institutions for issuing and trading securities from their own web-environment.

Decentralised Market The first stock exchange as a service
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Benefits of Nxchange

For partners

  • A comprehensive exchange platform for securities and other assets
  • Easy integration into the partner's or issuers web-environment (plug and play)
  • Regulated market and MTF permits
  • Fully Mifid II compliant
  • Fully automated investor on-boarding
  • Partners customer base and investment community can remain where they are
  • State of the art technology
  • 24/7 support

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For Issuers

  • Greatly reduced funding costs
  • Far less dependency on traditional financial service providers
  • More loyalty and understanding from the investor
  • Long-term value creation, instead of short-term profit maximisation
  • Direct and rapid feedback from the investing community
  • Providing liquidity to shareholders

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For investors

  • 24/7 trading and realtime DVP settlement of transactions
  • Greater transparency compared to traditional investing
  • Use of the collective wisdom of the community
  • A close involvement in the company leading to greater loyalty and less short-termism
  • Long-term value creation
  • Collective interests within the community
  • A regulated market
  • The ability to sell financial instruments in the secondary market

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An Award Winning Stock Exchange

Best investment innovation 2016
Financial Services Reinvented Winner 2017
Innovation Award 2017

Building a global efficient market that supports the trade of any object of value

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