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Invest easily in a public offering or trade on the secondary market of Nxchange.
Monitor your holdings 24/7 with the ease of an online account.

Step 01

Sign up

Sign up with your email address at Nxchange. After validation of your account, you are ready to start investing.
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Step 02

Choose a
listed project

Sustainable projects are engineered and audited for quality by our nominated advisors and partners before they are listed on Nxchange. Sign up, select your investment criteria and choose a project to invest in. All projects are provided with the necessary information memorandums and/or prospectuses.
Choose a <br /> listed <i>project</i>

Step 03

Invest and trade

As an investor, you determine when you would like to invest or divest. The tradability of the projects on our regulated platform ensures parties can easily change their portfolio to match their risk profile. Easily manage, monitor and trade your projects in a secure online environment.
Invest and <i>trade</i>

Step 04


We enable you to monitor your projects closely. Interest, redemption and/or dividends are automatically processed by the platform. At any moment you can easily transfer your money back to your bank account.


What are
the fees?

To be able to trade at Nxchange the following fees are applicable.
Transaction fees0.50%0.50%
Participation fees€10.00
Delivery fees (Nxchange)0.25% (min €55.00 / max €550.00)
Transfer fees€0.00

Transaction fees

If you want to trade securities (shares or bonds) in the interim, you pay transaction fees on the transaction amount when buying or selling the securities. No VAT will be charged on the transaction fees.

Delivery fees

It is possible for your financial instruments to be ‘delivered’ to another bank or broker. They will only be delivered to a bank or investment company that is directly or indirectly affiliated with Euroclear. Following the 'delivery', the delivered financial instruments will be credited to your securities account in the bank or the investment company. It is not always possible to deliver part of a financial instrument (a fraction).

Please note: If you want your financial instruments to be 'delivered', please ask your broker for a transfer form, complete it and send it to us. We will contact your broker to arrange the delivery. It is possible that your new broker also charges fees. Financial instruments that are 'delivered', cannot be traded anymore on Nxchange.

Participation fees

Fees that are charged for participation on the Nxchange platform. VAT will be charged on the participation fees.

Transfer fees

We will take care of the transfer of your current securities portfolio to your account at Nxchange.

We reimburse the costs up to a maximum of € 25 per fund with a maximum of € 550 for your entire portfolio. If you send a copy of the statement with the specified transfer costs to Nxchange, you will receive the reimbursement in free transaction costs on your Nxchange account within three working days.

Please note: If you choose to have your financial instruments 'transferred', you can only trade them on Nxchange if they are listed on Nxchange.


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