Swishfunds helps entrepeneurs with financing opportunities and challenges by providing them loans. Swishfund gives them a fast and flexible alternative to the traditional banks, who are increasingly withdrawing from the SME market.



Company summary

Swishfund, founded in 2016, is a technology-driven lending company, focused on providing short-term loans to SMEs in the Netherlands and the UK. Swishfund was one of the first fintechs in direct lending and holds a market leader position after several years of TV-campaigning and solid growth.

Swishfund is backed by renowned investors, including Slingshot Ventures and Shoe Investments (Pieter Schoen), two experienced investment firms with a proven track record in investing in fast-growing companies. Schoen was the founder of NLE, a very successful challenger in the energy market.

Founders are entrepreneurs who ran into financial limitations with traditional banks in their business, resulting in challenging the traditional lending market. Disrupting and challenging the market is the cultural heart of the company.

The company is primarily active in the Netherlands and entered the UK in 2018, a more mature market with ample growth opportunities. The combined market opportunity is €12bln within our market segment and expected to rise with a 48,2% CAGR until 2024.

The Company applies a tech-driven approach, using machine learning to assess credit risk and largely automate the lending process, resulting in very fast and scalable origination process; from application to payment in 1-3 days. Speed is an important USP of the company.



‘Wat Swishfund belooft, komen ze inderdaad na.’

Jan den Boom
Eigenaar Sauna de Veluwe

‘De financiering helpt ons met name door rust in de tent de creëren.’

Hendrik Gersen
CEO Rent-A-Tent

Oprichter Joris Slagter zag met lede ogen aan hoe de meest talentvolle teams werden ontbonden wanneer een startup niet in staat was te blijven bestaan. Hij stelde vervolgens een eigen talententeam samen. Swishfund hielp hem aan financiële speelruimte.

Joris Slagter
Oprichter Trive Technology

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Swishfund Junior Funding


Anthony Fokkerweg
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May 28 2024
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