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Public Offering - Bold 2

Innovation will save the world!
Invest now, from € 100.

Date: October 10 2023 - January 1 2025
Target: €21,000,000

Innovation will save the world!

Startupbootcamp is the #1 startup accelerator in Europe, empowering entrepreneurs and fostering innovation. We support founders across all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, via investment, relevant connections, and resources - driving and amplifying their impact.

With a mission to invest in 100,000 startups by 2030, we want to support achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in time. In the last 7 years, we globally only progressed around 5% towards the goals. We have 8 years and 95% left. It's time to get to work, it's time to start investing.

Earlier in 2022, Startupbootcamp launched the Bold Action project, successfully raising €6 million through an IPO to invest in the first 90 out of 100.000 startups. As a vanguard of innovation, we continue our mission of addressing global challenges while nurturing entrepreneurial spirit.

For SBC Bold 2, our commitment is to invest in 300 high potential startups across 10 distinct Growth Domains. The program is part of a bigger endeavor where - together with our partners and investors - we'll further build on the largest sustainable innovation ecosystem in the world.

Sustainability Startups Climate Impact


A publicly-listed Startup Accelerator program creating the opportunity to invest in 300 sustainability startups and scale-ups!

Join us in creating the world of tomorrow with Startupbootcamp Bold 2, a dedicated program focused on de-risking and accelerating the growth of start- and scale-ups committed to empowering the United Nations Sustainable Development Group Goals!

There has never been a better time to launch sustainable offerings and businesses. Consumers, particularly millennials, increasingly want solutions that embrace purpose and sustainability.

Because of this, the growing trend of impact investing, and the increased startup activity in the sustainability domain, we have decided to launch a program aimed at start- and scale-ups that help accelerate several of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). In specific ventures that concentrate on:

  • Agri & FoodTech
  • WEB3 & AI
  • PropTech & Housing
  • Water & Infrastructure
  • Health & Lifescience
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Production & Industry
  • Energy & Climate
  • Sports & EdTech
  • DeepTech & Robotics

Having designed and optimized our accelerator programs ever since 2010 and after launching the first-ever successful IPO for an Accelerator Program in 2019, we could clearly see the many benefits that the funding model brings to the program and the startups.

The IPO format enables us to collaborate with more investors simultaneously which benefits the reach and therefore the impact of the program. As a consequence, the success rate of participating startups is increased which in turn also improves the ROI of the involved investors.

We are excited to connect with private-, corporate- and professional investors that want to partner with us in creating a more sustainable future!


  • We have successfully launched and funded 3 IPOs before for 3 different programs
  • We have accelerated hundreds of startups globally over the past 10 years
  • We use our proven method to de-risk high-potential startup ventures for investors
  • We leverage our proprietary AI technology to scout the best start- and scale-ups
  • Join our program and invest in 300 startups that make impact

Risks and Challenges

The expected return depends on the profit generated. It should be borne in mind that no profit may be rendered at all and that there may be losses causing you to lose part or the entire invested amount.

Please refer to our information memorandum for a more thorough analysis of the potential risks in regards to this investment.

Listing Overview

Name Theme Description Target
AI & Web3
Bold 2 AIvolution is decoding tomorrow, harnessing AI & Web3 to reshape industries and champion data privacy. €2,100,000
Agri & FoodTech
Empowering a food-secure future, Bold 2 Terra accelerates sustainable agritech innovations in the face of climate challenges. €2,100,000
PropTech & Housing
Bold 2 Urbanize is pioneering sustainable urban futures, revolutionizing housing with innovative PropTech solutions. €2,100,000
Water & Infrastructure
Bold 2 Aqua propels water and infrastructure progress, tapping into sustainable solutions for a water-secure world. €2,100,000
Sustainable Finance
Bold 2 Prosper is leading the charge in shaping a transparent and accountable sustainable financial landscape. €2,100,000
Energy & Climate
Bold 2 Energize is catalyzing the shift to renewable energy, championing solutions for a climate-resilient future. €2,100,000
Production & Industry
Bold 2 Build drives industry transformation, promoting sustainable innovation and eco-friendly production practices. €2,100,000
Sport & EdTech
Bold 2 Leap champions inclusive growth by democratizing education and sports, fostering social cohesion. €2,100,000
Health & Lifescience
Bold 2 Live champions groundbreaking advances in HealthTech, leveraging bioprinting, genomics, and emerging innovations for a healthier world. €2,100,000
Deeptech & Robots
Bold 2 Disrupt pushes the boundaries of DeepTech & Robotics, translating scientific breakthroughs into revolutionary market applications. €2,100,000


We were only a team of founders when we joined Startupbootcamp's accelerator, and we have since raised a round of funding, secured a grant, and have made considerable traction in both product and market-fit.

As a founder who always looks to multiply resources and opportunities given to my team, I can say that I am a proud member of the Startupbootcamp!

Andrew Chong
Co-Founder, uPledge

We loved everything about Startupbootcamp's accelerator program. It helped us kick-start our journey — both professionally and personally. We still leverage learnings from the program years later; we do pre-mediation 4 times a year, and we still test all our ideas based upon the lean methodology before spending resources on it.

Daniel Sand
Co-Founder, Wedio

The Startupbootcamp accelerator program was instrumental in accelerating our growth and positioning us for success in the future. We would highly recommend it to any startup looking to take their business to the next level. Thank you to the Startupbootcamp team for all of their support and for helping us achieve our goals

Ezgi Kaplan
COO, EUTO Energy

Fundraise Details

Funding Goal €21,000,000.00
Minimum Investment €100.00
Maximum Investment €21,000,000.00
Opening Date October 10 2023
Closing Date January 1 2025
Transaction Fee 0.5%


SBC Bold Action 2


Johan Huizingalaan
1066VH Amsterdam