Public Offering


Max Property Fund II (MPF2) follows the successful fund-raise of Max Property Fund I (MPF) which raised €2,395,000 during 2016/17 and Max Property Deutschland (MPD) which raised €2,497,000 during 2018/19.

MPF has invested funds raised in residential property in Rotterdam and surrounding cities. MPD has invested/will invest in residential property in Lower Saxony, Germany. Combined portfolio is currently valued at €7.4 million and planned to reach about €10 million by early 2020.

MPF2 is raising €2,200,000 in four (4) consecutive rounds of each €550,000, in addition to €298,000 raised in a preliminary round. All funds will also be invested in residential property in Rotterdam and surrounding cities.

Please read the information document carefully. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Fixed interest of 6.25% per annum, paid out quarterly in January, April, July and October
  • Bonus interest is paid upon exit, estimated to result in average return of 9.9% (height depending on property value and equity increase)
  • Fund is administered and supervised by Confidon, an experienced Fund administrator and supervisor
  • Funds are secured through a second charge on the portfolio (after the mortgage charge)
  • Quarterly reports and annually audited accounts will be made available via Nxchange
  • Periodic news will be shared to inform you about purchases and important Fund updates


Risks and challenges

Financing risk

MPF2 aims to expand the real estate portfolio and to co-finance it through mortgage financing or other sources of financing. This means that in the event that no mortgage financing can be obtained or the lender claims its loan at a later date, the financial scope of MPF2 to pay the interest, redemption and bonus interest to the bondholders can be greatly reduced.

Early repayment

There is a risk of early redemption because the issuer has the right to redeem the bonds early from November 1, 2021. For you as an investor this means that you no longer receive interest and that your bonus interest (profit sharing) may be lower than if the bonds were not repaid early.

Order of payment

Payment of dividend occurs after the costs of administration, supervision, accountant, start-up costs and other costs have been paid. There is a risk that the issuer will not have enough cash to pay out dividends. For you as an investor, this means that you may not receive dividend later or at all in that particular year. In the event of issuer's bankruptcy, the following institutions take precedence over payment: creditors with collateral security (banks and also the bondholders insofar as the proceeds from sales are adequate), preferred creditors (UWV, the Tax Authorities and employees with a wage claim), the costs of settling bankruptcy (liquidator). The remaining capital will be distributed among unsecured creditors (bondholders, suppliers).

Limited equity

The equity capital of the issuer is initially limited in relation to its debt capital. Shareholders' equity forms the buffer to continue to meet its obligations in the event of disappointing results. The risk profile of MPF2 is similar to the risk profile of shares.

Read more in the information document about the risks associated with investing in MPF2. If one or more risks were to occur, it is possible that MPF2 decreases in value and/or (bonus) interest payments cannot take place on time, only partially or not and in the worst case you can lose your investment or part thereof.

Provisional conditions and collateral

No provisional conditions apply. A 2nd mortgage right on the property portfolio of Max Property Fund II B.V. will be established on behalf of joint MPF2 bondholders in the event that additional financing is raised and the financier agrees with this 2nd mortgage statement.


Name Role
Anonymous Investor
Montesauri Investor
Anonymous Investor
Anonymous Investor
Anonymous Investor
Anonymous Investor
Anonymous Investor
Jan de Groot Investor
Eric van Dijk Investor
Anonymous Investor
Anonymous Investor
Anonymous Investor
Wouter van der Valk Investor
Anonymous Investor

Fundraise details

Funding goal €550,000.00
Fixed price €102.00
Minimum investment €510.00
Maximum investment €550,000.00
Interest 6.25%
Duration 108 months
Opening date December 19 2019
Closing date March 19 2020