Max Property Group's mission is to make real estate investments 100% transparent and accessible to everyone 

Annual Sales
€ 980,000
Cashflow positive

Primary issue

MPF2 raising €550,000, to be invested in residential property in and around Rotterdam, paying fixed interest of 6,25% + bonus on exit

Opening date: Dec 19 2019 Closing date: Mar 19 2020


Company summary

Max Property Group B.V. (MPG) was founded in 2016 by a group of 10 real estate specialists with over 100 years of experience collectively. MPG has successfully launched two property funds, Max Property Fund and Max Property Deutschland, with nearly €5M raised and currently holding assets €7.4M worth.

MPG has now launched Max Property Fund II (MPF II). MPF II focuses on the purchase and rental of real estate in and around Rotterdam. MPF II distinguishes itself from other real estate funds by much lower management costs and profit sharing at the end of the term, leaving a net higher return for investors.




To me investing using the MPG facilities is a convenient manner to invest in real estate having a good ROI without the burden of buying and renting out property yourself. Started investing in the MPF’s in 2016 and so far all rental income pay outs came in like clockwork.

J. Visser

I think saving money will not enough to enjoy my life. So, I have been investing in some investment trust from my income. Nowadays, the interests of them become lower and lower and those risks become bigger and bigger. As soon as I met MPG fund, I realized I can make a steady income with low risk.

K. Hwami

Onze eerste ervaring is van 2016, toen we na vergelijking met andere aanbieders zijn ingestapt in het Nederland 1 fonds. Ondertussen, na gebleken betrouwbaarheid en opnieuw vergelijking met andere aanbieders van onroerend goed fondsen, ook ingestapt in hun Nederland 2, Duitsland, en Engeland fonds.

R. ter Hoeven & G. Bakker

Company structure