The HENA Foundation enables large and small investors to buy community shares HEMA

The HENA foundation collects money that is offered to the owner of HEMA in exchange for shares. For example, the foundation wants it to be possible for everyone to become a shareholder of HEMA: a popular share. For private supporters of HEMA who want to invest with amounts from € 10, because WE LOVE HEMA!

Invest in HEMA!

The HENA foundation collects money that is offered to the owner of HEMA in exchange for shares. The aim is to offer the typically Dutch company a sustainable stable future with an eye to the interests of employees, customers, fans and other stakeholders of the company. For professional parties and investors who want to take a larger share in HEMA, from € 100,000

Invest from €100.000!


Company summary

The HENA Foundation aims to promote a sustainable continuity of HEMA, in which the interests of employees, consumers, investors, other stakeholders and the environment are in balance. In order to fulfill this goal, the Foundation wants to buy shares in HEMA. These are then divided into certificates, and these certificates become tradable on Nxchange.

There is both financial and strategic work to be done to guarantee the future of HEMA. From a financial point of view, HEMA must have a sustainable debt burden, and HEMA's financiers must see the company as a sustainable investment, instead of an ATM. With our offer we want to offer patient capital to the company. Our strategy for HEMA rests on six pillars:

  1. A shareholder structure in which stakeholders are central
  2. Improved value for money
  3. Improved supply chain management
  4. Enhanced e-commerce
  5. Focus on the core business & markets
  6. Embrace sustainability

In this financing round, HENA Foundation will raise capital from two groups of investors. For investors who invest less than € 100,000, a collective ceiling of € 4,999,995 applies. The corresponding listing on the Nxhange page is Hema. There is no collective platform for investors who invest more than € 100,000. This listing is called Hema2. In the future, the HENA Foundation intends to raise money more often. In this way we acquire a larger share in HEMA.

Our aim is to transform HEMA into a multi-stakeholder cooperative by 2026. This allows us to flesh out the concept of stakeholder value. We want to update the Rhineland model, in which a balance is sought between the interests of workers and capital providers, for the 21st century by buying and transforming HEMA.



Company structure


We are launching KoopdeHEMA, to raise money so that we can buy some of the shares of the future owners. In this way we want to influence the course of the company together.

Anna Grebenchtchikova

With this unique initiative we are going to raise several millions with many small and large investors. If our initiative is successful, we will become a co-shareholder of HEMA. This gives us a voice in the company and thus influence its future.

Mei Li Vos