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The founder is Xander de Buisonjé, known for his career as an artist in The Netherlands. Xander has been using his In Ear Monitors (IEM) for years on stage but also privately to experience his passion for music in the best way.
The professional IEMs are equipped with the best speakers in the world and support artists and audio enthusiasts in the best sound on stage or in the studio.

In 2020, BREGGZ was founded and Xander's long-desired dream took shape, creating a consumer device that brings the very best sound. Quote Xandes: “I just want the world to hear what I hear!”
However, the wired version of the existing IEMs is no longer a fit in the current world of True Wireless devices. Only in 2021 the global hearables market made a revenue of EUR 37 billion, and is expected to grow to EUR 93 billion in 2026 (growth of 26.2% per year).

Changing an existing wired IEM's to a fully custom-made hearable, tailored to everyone's individual ears, is a huge innovation. In close cooperation with our development team in USA, Germany, Australia and Austria, we developed the product. In May 2023 BREGGZ succeeded and proudly presents a full operational prototype.
It has become much more than previously thought. As our head of product development Bear Clark says:
“BREGGZ is a high-end, highly-capable, super-badass luxury in ear computer”

The entire product development phase was financed from our own resources. A team of 15 people is working internationally on the development and roll-out of the product. In addition, the best partners are linked who ensure that BREGGZ is equipped with the world's best materials, components and software. The implementation consists of

BREGGZ is 3D printed in CERAMIC (optional 3D print gold, silver, titanium and platinum);
BREGGZ has a unique patented “one box technology” in which all hardware and firmware are processed in a “cartridge” and this can be easily replaced in the event of, for example, a less-functioning battery after a few years;
BREGGZ has the best speakers/drivers, microphones and antennas that exist;
BREGGZ works exclusively with an award-winning software partner from Munich (DLD) who is progressive in all software development and apps;
BREGGZ has a removable and interchangeable exterior which is also called “faceplate” (made to measure Jewelry)

Crucial for BREGGZ is the scalability of the product. BREGGZ uses a unique scanning technology in which the customer scans his own ears. The scan gives a better result than a hand-made mold. As a result, it fits perfectly on everyone's ear, it is a personal ID and gives maximum comfort when worn.

The scan of the ears will be modified into a 3D print file and the CERAMIC shell and faceplate can be produced by exclusively selected BREGGZ partners.

The patented housing of our technology, in a cartridge, smaller than the tip of your pinky finger, is universal, assembly lined produced and easy replaceable.

BREGGZ is officially launching in January 2024 and positions itself as a luxury brand, as a fashion statement as much as your designer bag or Swiss watch at a retail price of EUR 1,500. The target of global sales has initially been maximized at 5000 units per quarter. With launching markets in Europe, USA and the Middle East. Exploratory talks are taking place in Asia and Australia.

Collections of “faceplates and bodies” will be offered in collaboration with fellow high-end brands, artists and athletes. An extensive accessories line has also been designed for BREGGZ.
Up to January 2024, the launch of BREGGZ is key point on the agenda. The investments in sales, marketing and production capacity are the main reason for BREGGZ to enter this Bondex proposition.
BREGGZ created the unique opportunity to buy a special BREGGZ edition (ALPHA) in combination with a share in order to become a co-owner. There are only 500 spots available. Each package contains:
BREGGZ Alpha edition (hearables), regular price EUR 1,500
BREGGZ co ownership (share), listed


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Stichting Administratiekantoor BREGGZ


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Feb 7 2024
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Nov 2 2023
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