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Nxchange Investor Pitck Deck

Nxchange_Investor Pitchdeck.pdf

Captable - Nxchange Holding B.V.


Administrative agreements - STAK Nxchange Holding

20200609 Administratievoorwaarden STAK Nxchange Holding.pdf

Effective Management Group - Certificate of Incorporation

20041008 Akte van Oprichting Effective Management Group.pdf

STAK Nxchange Holding - Certificate of Incorporation

20190806 Akte van Oprichting STAK Nxchange Holding.pdf

Nxchange IT B.V. - Certificate of Incorporation

20181127 Akte van Oprichting Nxchange IT BV.pdf

Bondex B.V. - Certificate of Incorporation

20181009 Akte van Oprichting Bondex B.V..pdf

Stichting Escrow Nxchange - Certificate of Incorporation

20151224_Akte van oprichting Stichting Escrow Nxchange.pdf

Nxchange B.V. - Certificate of Incorporation

20150220 Akte van Oprichting Nxchange B.V..Pdf

Bondex B.V. - Chamber of Commerce

20200701_Bondex BV_Chamber of commerce.pdf

Effective Management Group B.V. - Chamber of Commerce

20200701_Effective Management Group BV_Chamber of commerce.pdf

Nxchange B.V. - Chamber of Commerce

20200701_Nxchange BV_Chamber of commerce.pdf

Nxchange IT B.V. - Chamber of Commerce

20200701_Nxchange IT BV_Chamber of commerce.pdf

Stichting Administratiekantoor Nxchange Holding - Chamber of Commerce

20200701_STAK Nxchange Holding_Chamber of commerce.pdf

Stichting Escrow Nxchange - Chamber of Commerce Document

20200701_Stichting Escrow Nxchange_Chamber of commerce.pdf

Nxchange Holding BV_Certificate of incorporation

20190806_Nxchange Holding BV_Certificate of incorporation.pdf

Nxchange Holding BV_Chamber of commerce

20200701_Nxchange Holding BV_Chamber of commerce.pdf

Governance and legal structure

Nxchange_Governance and legal structure.pdf