The Nxchange story

We've looked at the traditional practices of the financial markets and their deeply ingrained habits. Nx'change gives you the good parts, and leaves out the bad.

Because of greater regulatory scrutiny and the reluctance of banks to lend, it’s become harder and harder for companies to get funding. Meanwhile, traditional IPOs are time-consuming, painful and expensive, and don’t always work out as planned.

By contrast, hard-working individuals who have saved money are faced with record low interest rates, which don’t yield sufficient income. There’s a huge gap in the market for investors to fill.

Stumbling blocks

There are a number of stumbling blocks for people wanting to invest their money wisely. Even if they’d like to invest in companies, there is very little information available and a lack of transparency. Small-scale investors have almost zero access to timely information and hardly have access to the company board of publicly listed companies to pose questions.

Moreover, they are asked to rely on the advice and judgement of research reports provided by sell side analysts that are more focused on other interests. It’s consequently difficult for investors to decide if something is a worthwhile investment opportunity, and it’s almost impossible to develop a relationship with a listed company when it feels so remote and inaccessible.

Things have to change

With the newest technology at our disposal, we have all the power we need to change the way the traditional financial markets run — for the better. Using the power of the Internet, social networks and ongoing technological developments, we have the ability to decentralise the means of investment and join together to make a strong contribution to the way companies raise capital. Companies will reflect this ability or fall by the wayside.

Far better — and quicker — global communication protocols, allied to social media networks, give investors the power to self-organise and shape the world the way they want. The future is now.

A fresh solution: Nx'change

Ask yourself: if you want to invest in Shell, why can’t you simply go to the Shell website and buy shares there? If anyone asks a good question to Shell, why isn't the answer public? And why shouldn’t the investing public be able to share their analysis with you? Why wouldn’t you have access to all the information there is in the social media environment? And why aren’t you notified when trending topics regarding your investment are discussed in the market? That’s what we asked ourselves and the reason we created Nxchange.

Say hello to Nx'change. The Stock Exchange that says yes.

The 20th Century was top-down; the 21st is both bottom-up and horizontal, powered by networks.

We have created a new exchange to be:

  • Efficient, with one platform matching the investor directly with the company they want to invest in
  • A primary market for issuing companies to raise capital and a secondary market for investors that are in need of liquidity
  • Instant and real-time, with transactions carried online 24/7
  • Decentralised and multi-channel; imagine a white-label exchange and you'll understand the concept
  • Flexible, so that you can purchase stock from the Nx'change website, the company's website or even the Facebook page of your desired company
  • Knowledge-sharing, with community-based analysis that community members can react to, rate and share
  • Transparent, with real-time company financials and public Q&A
  • Well-informed, with analyst information rated and judged by Nx'change members
  • Pan-European; geographical borders are a relic of the 20th century