Cultivation of Macadamias, cultivation of Macadamia trees, processing of Macadamia nuts and trading of the processed end products.

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WelMac is a vertically integrated macadamia company with operations across the entire industry chain. The cultivation of the nuts is done in the most sustainable way possible, whereby the reduction of the use of water but also chemicals is successfully combined with maximizing the yield per hectare. Using the latest technology and management methods, we not only achieve economic efficiency (as much food as possible at a manageable price) but also ecological efficiency, by making smarter use of natural processes and using raw materials more economically.



In September 2019 we have provided a EUR 2 million loan to Welgevonden Macadamia B.V. (WelMac) to expand their farm in South Africa. Before that, we were already indirectly involved in WelMac via a private equity investment of the Forest Effect Fund which is partly funded by DGGF.

Tim van Galen
Senior Investment Manager DGGF

In order to secure supply, Intersnack develops strategic partnerships with like-minded companies. One of these partnerships is with Welmac. In case of Welmac, we went one-step further than in a usual business relationship.

Wim Schipper
Director Tree Nuts - Intersnack Procurement B.V.

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Welgevonden Macadamia B.V.


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Jun 8 2023
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Previous funding

€2,000,000.00 investors
Raise source: debt, September 2019
€1,500,000.00 investors
Raise source: equity, November 2018
€500,000.00 bank
Raise source: debt, October 2018
€1,000,000.00 investors
Raise source: equity, April 2018
€1,000,000.00 investors
Raise source: convertible_note, April 2018
€2,900,000.00 self
Raise source: debt, March 2016
€1,600,000.00 bank
Raise source: debt, March 2016



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