The Weather Makers

Public Offering

General description

Our mission is to empower living systems and allow nature and humanity to thrive as one.

We see water as the engine of all life on Earth and the primary driver of weather and climate. We focus on the restoration of water cycles by ecosystem regeneration. This will improve our livelihood and climate, increase biodiversity and create water and food security.

We created the Weather Making Approach to regenerate ecosystems as a basis for restoring water cycles.

Join our journey towards a better future!


  • The depository receipts are offered in a public environment to the Weather Makers fans, customers, employees, partners, individual and corporate investors.
  • The depository receipts are suitable for investors who believe in the Weather Makers and invest for the medium or long term and are aware of the investment risks.
  • The depository receipts are not suitable for investors looking for a short-term exit.
  • Download the pitchdeck for more information about our future plans and risks.
  • Download the valuation report for financial information.
  • Download the FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

Risks and challenges

More information about these risks can be found in this document under the heading “Further information about the risks” on page 7 of the information document.

Fundraise details

ISIN Code NL00150017Z6
Funding goal €2,500,000.00
Fixed price €250.00
Minimum investment €250.00
Maximum investment €2,500,000.00
Opening date November 22 2022
Closing date December 31 2023

Investor fees

Transaction fees primary market 0.00%