Investor fees

To be able to trade at Nxchange the following fees are applicable.

Equity Bonds
Transaction fees primary market 0.50% 0.50%
Transaction fees primary market: First Green Capital I - 0.00%
Transaction fees secondary market 0.50% 0.50%
Management fees bonds - 1.00%
Management fees bonds: First Green Capital I - 0.00%
Participation fee €10.00
Delivery fees (Nxc) 0.25% (min €55.00 / max €550.00)
Transfer fees €0.00
Transaction fees primary market

If you participate in an issuance of securities (shares or bonds) you pay a one-off transaction fee over the investment amount. No VAT will be charged on the transaction fees.

Transaction fees secondary market

If you want to trade securities (shares or bonds) in the interim, you pay transaction fees on the transaction amount when buying or selling the securities. No VAT will be charged on the transaction fees.

Management fees bonds

Management fees are calculated monthly based on the outstanding investment amount and deducted from the interest to be paid. No VAT is charged on the management fees.

Participation fees

Fees that are charged for participation in the Nxchange platform. VAT will be charged on the participation fees.

Delivery fees

It is possible for your financial instruments to be ‘delivered’ to another bank or broker. They will only be delivered to a bank or investment company that is directly or indirectly affiliated with Euroclear. Following the 'delivery', the delivered financial instruments will be credited to your securities account in the bank or the investment company. It is not always possible to deliver part of a financial instrument (a fraction).

If you want your financial instruments to be 'delivered', please ask your broker for a transfer form, complete it and send it to us. We will contact your broker to arrange the delivery. It is possible that your new broker also charges fees.

PLEASE NOTE! If you choose to have your financial instruments 'delivered', they cannot be traded anymore on Nxchange.

Transfer fees

We will take care of the transfer of your current securities portfolio to your account at Nxchange. And the costs that your bank charges for transferring are reimbursed by Nxchange in transaction credit. You therefore receive the equivalent of the transfer costs in a contribution to your transaction costs. These free transactions are valid for three months. You can find the allocated reimbursement in your portfolio overview on the Nxchange customer site.

We reimburse the costs up to a maximum of € 25 per fund with a maximum of € 550 for your entire portfolio. If you send a copy of the statement with the specified transfer costs to Nxchange, you will receive the reimbursement in free transaction costs on your Nxchange account within three working days.

PLEASE NOTE! If you choose to have your financial instruments 'transfered', you can only trade them on Nxchange if they are listed on Nxchange.

Overview of agreggated costs and charges based on an initial investment of €2500 in the bond

The table below provides an overview of estimated costs and charges in the first year of an investment in the bond issued by Billink with in an initial value of €2500. It is assumed that no further transactions are undertaken. This overview includes VAT where applicable.

Estimated costs for Year 1 (initial investment € 2500) in € in &37; of invested amount
Costs related to the services provided by Nxchange and Rabo&Crowd €47,00 1,9%
Costs related to the financial instrument €0,00 0,00%
Third party payments received by Nxchange and/or Rabo&Crowd €0,00 0,00%
Total estimated costs and charges €47,00 1,9%
Cumulative effect of costs on return of the investment

The table below illustrates the impact of the cumulative costs and charges on the return of the investment. The invested amount is €2500 and the investment horizon is five years.

Cumulative effect of costs on returnin €in %
What you might get back when Nxchange and Rabo&Crowd didn’t charge you at all €485,00 7,90%
Costs charged by Nxchange and Rabo&Crowd €134,00
What you might get back after charges €351,00 5,7%