Building the world's first fast charging network where all electric vehicles can charge 

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Company summary

Fastned builds a European network of fast charging stations for all electric cars and has offices in Amsterdam, Cologne and London. You will find our fast charging stations along highways and in/around cities. This is where you can quickly charge your car and continue your route. Car manufacturers are investing billions in the development and production of electric cars resulting in a strong growth of the amount of electric cars on the road, all these cars need to charge. .




We gaan andere auto's bouwen. De toekomst is elektrisch

Matthias Muller
CEO Volkswagen Groep

Europa heeft gekozen voor rijden zonder uitstoot. Daarvoor moet nieuwe infrastructuur gebouwd worden. Fastned loopt hierbij voorop.

Ruud Lubbers
Voormalig Premier van Nederland en groot-certificaathouder Fastned

Fastned leidt de weg richting duurzame mobiliteit: geweldig in concept, ondernemerschap, teamwork, toewijding en daarnaast zeer professioneel

Fred Matser
Oud vastgoed ondernemer en groot-certifaathouder Fastned


Company Fastned B.V.
Address James Wattstraat 77-79
1097 DL, Amsterdam, NL
Press Release
Oct 31 2018
Succesvolle obligatieronde Fastned | Successful bond issue by Fastned
Publication of Quarterly Figures
Oct 11 2018
Fastned bereikt operationeel break-even | Fastned achieves network wide operational break even
Publication of Interim Report
Jul 31 2018
Omzet Fastned groeit 150% / Revenue Fastned grows 150%
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December 4 2018 11:52
Fastned B.V. was followed by Gioacchino Poletto
November 22 2018 10:39


Previous funding

€3,074,730.00 investors
Raise source: equity, May 2016
€3,165,810.00 investors
Raise source: equity, November 2015

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