Aart Wallet

Interim Online Marketing Manager at Werkspot/Instapro

My goal: Create innovative internetconcepts, manage ideas into commercial revenues, create new innovation to engage people. Specialties: Project Management, Online Marketing, Sales, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SEA, Social Marketing, HR, Digital Strategy


Co Founder

Comparison Services B.V.
01/2016 - Present
(5 years, 3 months)

Interim Online Marketing Manager

07/2015 - Present
(5 years, 9 months)


Wallet Media B.V.
02/2015 - Present
(6 years, 2 months)

Co Owner

Affiliate Promotions BV
05/2008 - Present
(12 years, 11 months)


Wallet Invest BV
09/2006 - Present
(14 years, 7 months)

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