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SBC Sustainability 2123 posted an important announcement
July 14 2022 17:19

Official Announcement of Startupbootcamp Sustainability Cohort II

Startupbootcamp, one of the world's leading startup accelerators, just announced the 11 teams that will participate in the second cycle of its Sustainability program. Via the Sustainability Program, Startupbootcamp and its co-investors invest in- & support startups building Prosperity-, Production-, and Powering- solutions.

The teams were selected during a 3-Day Final Selection Event that was held online. From thousands of applications, twenty startups were invited to pitch their idea during this event to investors, industry experts and partners of Startupbootcamp. Today, after concluding the third day, Eleven startups were chosen to join the program and investment portfolio. Hereunder an overview of the selected startups: - A sustainable raw materials sourcing platform.
Euto Energy - A future-proof automation and control solution for smarter and sustainable grid operations.
Aavalor - A water filter that effectively purifies wastewater in an energy and water efficient manner.
Circle Home - A web platform that allows travelers to get in touch to exchange their homes during their vacations.
Hydrogrow - High-tech gardens that allow you to grow fresh and organic food directly from your kitchen.
R3charge - A platform for EV travel.
GreenPanels - Producing clever and modular green roofs.
AirSmat - Helps farmers to achieve maximum crop yields.
Pure Planet Pet - Disrupting the pet food industry to restore our planet's biodiversity.
CurubaTech - Enabling farmers in LatAm to have better yields by digitizing the way farmers work with experts.
Greenbros - Using core ESG reporting metrics to drive awareness and to power better investment decisions

The program will provide guidance on every aspect of efficient business building, from product development to fundraising. During the program the startups are also provided with direct access to mentors who have decades of experience in their industries and a network of potential partners and investors relevant to their specific business case.

The end of the program is marked by Demo Day, a final event where the selected founders pitch and present their startups to an audience consisting of mentors, partners and investors. This will take place on December 1st 2022, if you are interested in joining this event you can sign up via this link:

After completing the accelerator program, alumni become part of a global alumni network where they continue to receive support from- & can connect with experts, investors and partners whilst further scaling their companies.

More information about the Sustainability Program and Startupbootcamp can be found here:

In case you have any questions regarding the portfolio or the investor perks, if you would like to sign up as a mentor or if you would simply like to catch up with us always feel free to reach out to our Head of Account & Investor Relations, Joey Moreau (

Warm regards,
The Startupbootcamp Team

SBC Sustainability 2123 posted an important announcement
April 7 2022 18:28

SBC Sustainability 2123 B.V. Interim Report Q1'22

Dear shareholders,

Please find attached to this update our interim report for 2022 with updates on the developments and performance of SBC Sustainability 2123 B.V..

The SBC Sustainability 2123 program started in 2021 and has the purpose of investing in ventures that operate in the impact space. Around a year after it started, we have added 10 companies so far that - under the leadership of their amazing founders - are steadily progressing.

As of March 2022, we also started the scouting- & due diligence process for the second batch of 10 companies that are to be added to the portfolio later this year. This will bring the number of startups in the portfolio to 20 as of December 2022. In 2023, the final year of the program will add the last 10 startups to the portfolio, bringing the total number to 30 startups.

In the coming months, we’ll send you more updates regarding the status of the invested startups, the new investments and overall financials of SBC Sustainability 2123 B.V..

If you have any questions around SBC Sustainability 2123 always feel free to reach out to (, or our Head of Investor Relations Joey Moreau (

Warm regards,
The Startupbootcamp Team

SBC Sustainability 2123 posted an important announcement
April 1 2022 13:08

Applications For SBC Sustainability Cohort II Are Now Open!

Dear shareholders,

Innovation will save the world and we strongly believe that startups and scale-ups will lead this change. That’s why we’re proud to announce that SBC Sustainability is now opening applications for its second year & cohort of 10 startups.

Applications close on June 15th and the second year of the program will officially kick-off on August 30th. This will bring the number of startups in the portfolio to 20 this year. In 2023, the final year of the program will add the last 10 startups to the portfolio, bringing the total number to 30 startups.

Once again SBC Sustainability will connect visionary founders with impact investors, conscious global corporations, and experienced mentors to (1) speed up their scaling process and (2) maximize their chances of success during each step of the way.

The program invites applicants from a broad spectrum of industries, particularly startups contributing to the three largest focus areas within sustainability:

- Prosperity
- Production
- Powering

In the run-up to the Selection Days for this year, we will again host two sessions to keep you informed and to gather your input. The final dates for these sessions will be communicated in the coming weeks.

If in the meantime you have any questions or if you have a particular startup you would like us to review and consider please let us know. You can always reach out to Joey Moreau, Head of Investor Relations via

Personal regards,
The SBC Team

SBC Sustainability 2123 posted an important announcement
November 29 2021 21:13

As we are approaching the end of the first cycle for SBC Sustainability, we would like to share with you some insights and updat

Dear SBC Sustainability Shareholders,

As we are approaching the end of the first cycle for SBC Sustainability, we would like to share with you some insights and updates on the first batch of portfolio companies.

Before we proceed, we would like to take a moment to thank all of you. From the ones involved in the funding elements of the program, to the ones that are active as mentors and the ones giving workshops, we and the startups are extremely grateful to have you as a part of this journey.

Please find below our 3 bullet point for Q4’22:

- Coming Thursday, 2nd of December, from 14:00 - 16:00 PM CET we are having the Demo Day of our first cohort. During this final event, the startups will present their progress to the world and they will pitch to the larger SBC Innovation Ecosystem. In case you haven’t signed up yet, herewith the link: (feel free to extend the invitation to your network if you like).

- These past three months leading up to Demo Day have been an amazing and challenging ride for the startups. After hundreds of meetings, workshops, 1:1 sessions and countless events it has enabled them to better understand, improve and scale their businesses to new heights. Below, I have dissected some key developments and milestones of the startups:

EcoChange: A data-driven startup setting a new transparency standard in the sustainable fashion industry for brands, retailers, corporates, and consumers. Moreover, driven by ‘Eco Scoring’, impact metrics, and peer reviews, it will be easier and more transparent to make consumption choices based on impact.

Updates: EcoChange pivoted from a B2C marketplace model to a B2B and affiliate model. With this pivot they found product-market fit (which has instantly shown a speed-up in conversion rates). Metrics: building a community and their B2B onboarding. The team of 2 co-founders recently added 4 new team members to help them further advance this growth.

Ecofye: A platform to rate the ESG performance of SMEs by providing autonomous and personalized sustainability solutions and carbon footprint calculations. Their algorithm analyses companies' entire value chain based on 3 criteria: carbon emissions, circular economy, and social impact.

Updates: Ecofye ran a couple of pilots with corporate partners like Lamborghini in the past months and now reached a point where they have 4 premium paid clients (at €4K revenue/month). This traction helped the team grow from 2 founders to a total of 5, adding 3 new members to further fuel their Go To Market.

ForPurposeJobs: The platform that enables purpose-hungry people to find impact-driven jobs. Business and industry agnostic, they bring together jobs for non- and for-profit organizations, B corps & social enterprises. United, through the underlying purpose of every role, is to create positive social or environmental change.

Updates: They improved their branding efforts, increasing their conversion rate to over 30%. The team is currently looking to move towards larger mid-size corporate clients and into sustainability jobs for regular companies (in order to add additional revenue streams to their business model). Their next challenge is to make this move without hurting their impact-driven brand. Furthermore, they now have a better technical understanding of their platform and have a thorough understanding of how to leverage this asset moving forward. More to come...

KnowYourFood: KYF provides consumers with easy-to-understand, relevant, and actionable sustainability information related to food consumption. People can also use the service to plan their grocery shopping while collecting points through sustainable goals and ‘swaps’. This becomes the source of sustainable consumer insights for retailers and food brands.

Updates: As they first focused on online shopping via a web extension, they have now pivoted after validation exercises to an online aggregated model that includes physical grocery shopping. They are currently building traction and have attracted an extensive waiting list that are awaiting their GTM at their MVP launch in early 2022.

Nettle T.O.C.: Nettle has created a bioplastic composite to replace fossil fuel-based plastics. Their (patent pending) technology is up to 76% better in performance than conventional bioplastics. This new material is able to replace technical plastic in 30% of cases instead of the current 2%.

Updates: They now have a sharper GTM strategy thanks to a better focus on potential clients and partners to work with in their early stages (early-adopters that benefit most of their applications) and the capability of licensing their technology (with a patent-pending). They increased capacity with a very strong first hire, who will most likely become the third co-founder in the short run. They already have 10 potential pilots lined up to test their product.

SolarAide: A marketplace that educates customers about solar energy and connects them with reliable solar installers. Among some of the benefits that users get from the platform are: discovery of required installation size, competent offers from multiple installers, offers comparison and live support during the selection process. Financing via banking partners has been recently included too.

Updates: After conquering the Lithuanian market, SolarAide launched in the Polish market earlier this month and will run a marketing experiment for the Dutch and Spanish markets in the coming weeks. They compiled a better offering, differentiating them from the competition (who uses an affiliate model). They are firmly becoming the one-stop-shop and life cycle advisors regarding solar energy by adding value-added services such as green financing and P2P energy trading (based on local needs) in their respective markets.

Suncrafter: SunCrafter GmbH creates off-grid power solutions for urban e-mobility infrastructure, green events and plug & play solar home systems for last-mile communities worldwide; all of this while giving disused industrial PV a second life.

Updates: During the program, it became clear that the team could not make the most out of the program due to personal situations and -reasons. Because of the demanding progress track and high standards at Startupbootcamp, this has led both the team and us to mutually decide not to maintain our relationship going forward. Currently, together with the team, we are exploring and discussing the implications this will have.

TripDoodler: A platform where conscious travelers can find and share verified sustainable travel options. Powered by a proprietary sustainability user-rating system, travelers rate sustainability initiatives through easily visible parameters. Without the need of previous expertise, TripDoodler provides users with a transparent framework and integrates all ratings into an ethical algorithm. It makes it easy for travelers to leave their best footprint while building the world's first and largest user-driven database of sustainable travel choices.

Updates: This startup also made a pivot after the customer development phase early in the program. They are moving away from travel planning in order to focus more on rating and sharing sustainable travel data. They received some initial funding during the program and now count on a very strong group of advisors from key industry leaders like and TrustPilot to help them take it to the next level.

Unspendr: An independent review platform that helps eco-conscious consumers on their journey to sustainable consumption. It also helps brands/retailers to bridge the gap between customers' perception and brands' sustainability intentions. The platform allows consumers and experts to publish unbiased reviews on businesses from consumers and experts and we celebrate positive changes of those brands that are on their journey to more sustainable business.

Updates:: During the program, the team launched a beta-version with 300 SMEs stores, and reviews are coming in. This traction builds up towards their next launch, now to a larger audience, in the coming weeks. They are currently exploring partnerships and pilots with multipliers and corporates with an extensive network in the SME space.

uPledge µPledge is a crowdfunding solution that helps investors improve their financial wellness while connecting them to verified sustainable startups. In support of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, they believe that equity crowdfunding needs to cater towards an investor experience that is both lower risk and more sustainable.

Updates: Their improved investor experience now includes gamification design principles; additionally, they verify the startups in the platform using a proprietary AI-augmented due diligence process.

Strong traction with impact startups. Building strong relationships with corporates and regulators and stress testing regulatory challenges They found a way to connect the west (NL, Spain, UK ) to developing geographies in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe with a team that grew from 3 founders to a team with 3 founders and 6 employees and 6 interns. The prototype will be launched before Demo Day in December. The MVP will be live in Q1 2022.

Weri: Weri helps companies lower their carbon footprint by analyzing and advising first by tracking and tracing the carbon footprint where it matters the most, by focusing on GHG emissions from Scope 3 activities like Transportation and Distribution, Employee Commuting, Business Travel, Purchased Goods and Services and Leased Assets. Furthermore, they can also help lower their carbon footprint through certified offset projects like Renewable energy afforestation and rainforest protection to capture tons of CO2. Tracking and reducing Greenhouse Gases emissions in specific areas of activities is very challenging for companies because they are not under their direct control or there is no reliable data. However, in many cases, they are responsible for up to 80% of GHG total emissions. Weri solves this problem.

Updates:: After a very big pivot, they worked hard with the SBC team, came back strong, refocused and landed a major client in the fashion industry to run a big pilot. The team is currently expanding on this offering and the results will be presented during a big event in Q1 2022.

- With Demo Day Approaching, most of the startups have entered their fundraising mode already. They are currently actively engaging with various investors and are entering into- & advancing discussions around potential investments. Whenever a startup successfully closes a round, we will further inform you of this as this will have positive implications on the portfolio valuation going forward.

At Startupbootcamp we define disruption not only by the power of a startup to challenge the status quo, but by their ability to enter existing markets fast and, through innovative solutions, enchant customers into choosing them over incumbent corporations. This is what we aim to achieve here: to give these founders the support system they need in order to move fast, gather share-of-market and make the biggest impact possible.

In case you have any questions, please reach out to

This is just the first step in this journey, onwards to the next!

SBC Sustainability 2123 posted an important announcement
August 12 2021 18:06

Official Announcement of Startupbootcamp Sustainability Cohort I

Dear shareholders,

Since successfully closing the IPO of the Startupbootcamp Sustainability Program last June, we have had the luxury to enjoy your active participation during the scouting and selection process for the Sustainability 2021 Cohort. Our Scouting Update Events brought us from [1] the State of Sustainability to the [2] Scouting Funnel Update that eventually led us to the [3] Selection Day events.

The Selection Days that took place over the course of yesterday and today were an even more energizing, inspiring, and engaging experience than we could have hoped for. The 20 participating startups did an amazing job which made it extremely challenging to select the first 10 program startups.

After an extensive jury deliberation, for which over 15.000 data points were collected and taken into consideration, we have decided to add an extra startup to the Startupbootcamp Sustainability 2021 Cohort. It is therefore with pride and joy that we’d like to announce to you the first 11 startups that will join the program portfolio. Hereunder an overview of the selected startups:

Ecochange - The community that is driving circular transformation.
Ecofye - Ecofye helps companies understand their environmental risk(s) and opportunities by analysing the entire value chain.
For Purpose Jobs - The jobs platform for companies and talent that solve climate change & social injustice.
Know Your Food - Know Your Food helps people shop and eat more sustainably by providing the information that is often left behind the product label.
Nettle TOC - The better, stronger and more sustainable alternative to oil plastics.
Shine - Shine accelerates the development of residential solar by educating households and connecting them with reliable installers.
SunCrafter - Enabling micro mobility and smart cities through agile & decentralized solared-powered infrastructure.
TripDoodler - TripDoodler enables sustainable travel choices for conscious consumers.
Unspendr - The first platform for reliable and relevant reviews of sustainable businesses in your area.
uPledge - The place where Financial Wellness meets Impact Crowdfunding.
WERI - WERI is the electric mobility sharing platform that drives us towards the energy transition through a sustainable game.

The program will kick off on August 30th and we are extremely excited to start this journey with you, the startups and the many mentors, partners and advisors that have joined us in the past months.

Throughout the program, we will continue to update you on important events, developments and news about your investment.

In case you have any questions regarding the portfolio or the investor perks, if you would like to sign up as a mentor or if you would simply like to catch up with us always feel free to reach out to our Head of Account & Investor Relations, Joey Moreau. (

Warm regards,
The Startupbootcamp team

SBC Sustainability 2123 posted an important announcement
March 19 2021 08:23

We are live!

We are very excited to announce our second IPO on Nxchange! And not just any IPO, one that will be put towards accelerating 30 sustainability startups in order to progress towards the UN’s sustainable development goals.

During the presale, investors already committed over € 1 million. Join us now and let's make a positive impact together!