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nx'change makes raising capital simple

Reduced funding costs

Much less dependency on traditional financial service providers. Quicker access to money, which leads directly to a quicker time to market.

Community building

Long-term value creation, instead of short-term profit maximisation. More loyalty and understanding from the investor. Direct and rapid feedback from the investing community.

Decentralised exchange

The community no longer has to go to a central market place, a bank or a broker. The exchange can be accessed directly from the company website.

Regulation and security

A trustworthy, regulated market (AFM) with a robust and state-of-the-art IT platform. Independent settlement of transactions and independent custodianship.

Listing a financial instrument and raising capital has never been easier

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  • List your company and specify transaction parameters
  • Issue shares or bonds
  • Get funded and deliver liquidity to shareholders
  • Keep your community in the loop


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