The effective way to raise capital

We believe that the best way to raise capital is to take an integrated approach to quality, transparency, and adherence to laws, rules, and ethical principles that govern us.

What we do

We offer a fully regulated stock exchange with a robust and state-of-the-art IT platform, real-time settlement of transactions and independent custodianship. We provide a 24/7 peer-to-peer trading venue in a community driven environment to attract the most serious and dedicated investors, if you are willing to meet their requirements.

Step 1

Go to one of our Partner exchanges or Nominated Advisors to get access to Nxchange

Nxchange operates as a Stock Exchange as a Service and provides Partner exchanges with a full-service regulated exchange platform to raise capital and list securities. You can only list your assets on Nxchange through our Partners or network of Nominated Advisors

Step 2

Get ready to list your product

Assure your financial household adheres to the highest standards and guarantee the quality of your governance to assure absolute control of your organisation. Both time to fund and process costs are kept to a minimum by collaborating with renowned legal and financial partners or get help from our partner exchanges to prepare your listing

Step 3

List your security, specify transaction parameters and issue securities in the primary market

You are fully in control to decide the transaction parameters and size of your listing. When you are ready to create your campaign and start issuing securities in the primary market.

Step 4

Build a healthy investor community

Each issuer that is listed on Nxchange is unique and requires a carefully managed investor community. We create the best opportunity possible for each issuer to attract and maintain a suitable and strong investor base.

Step 5

Manage your listing

Manage your listing and investor community through our comprehensive compliance module in your issuer account and stay compliant with all rules and regulations.

You have become a company that fosters the best possible conditions for long-term investments in your community