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You can invest from 1050 euros, and depending on the size of your investment, we have a few nice extras:

> €1.050 | 15 shares | Co-Ownership Fromanteel & €100 Fromanteel Voucher
> €2.520 | 36 shares | Co-Ownership Fromanteel & €300 Fromanteel Voucher
> €5.040 | 72 shares | Co-Ownership Fromanteel & Special Edition ‘Investor Watch’
> €10.010 | 143 shares | Co-Ownership Fromanteel & Automatic Special Edition ‘Investor Watch’
> €25.0600 | 358 shares | Co-Ownership Fromanteel & Automatic Special Edition ‘Investor Watch’
+ Diner with Founders & Hotel Accommodation for two.

There is a common dichotomy in the watch industry: high-end, yet expensive and low-end, yet disposable. Fromanteel bridges the gap between the two worlds.

Designed in Amsterdam, Fromanteel watches are stunning Swiss made timepieces without the hefty price tag. We call this Affordable Luxury.

Born out of a personal need and the two owners’ shared passion for watches, Fromanteel was founded in 2009. A proven concept with over a decade of success, the company is currently on the verge of scaling up. And we have a clear vision for Fromanteel’s future and growth.

Since Fromanteel is a community-owned and community-driven company, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to share in our success and join a community of like-minded peers.

So come on board and become a co-owner of an established watch brand with huge growth potential!


  • The depository receipts are offered in a public environment to the Fromanteel fans, customers, employees, partners, individual and corporate investors.
  • The depository receipts are suitable for investors who believe in Fromanteel and invest for the medium or long term and are aware of the investment risks.
  • The depository receipts are not suitable for investors looking for a short-term exit.
  • Download the pitchdeck for more information about our future plans and risks.
  • Download the valuation report for financial information.
  • Download the FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.


More information about the risks can be found under the heading “Further information about the risks” on page 7 of the information document.

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ISIN-code NL0015001A37
Financieringsdoel € 794.080,00
Vaste prijs € 70,00
Minimum investering € 1.050,00
Maximale investering € 794.080,00
Begindatum 20 november 2022
Einddatum 10 maart 2023