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Startupbootcamp Bold Action is a ‘Listed Startup Accelerator Portfolio’, a new kind of asset
class that combines features of:
[1] Selection & Diversification (in 90 companies)
[2] Venture De-risking & Commercial Acceleration (Through Accelerator Programs)
[3] Liquidity Mechanisms (via the secondary market)

Aside from Return on Investment, Startupbootcamp Bold Action is a project that also aims to
realize a Return on Impact. It is composed of 90 impact-driven ventures that contribute to the
Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

By co-investing in SBC Bold Action, you get to become a Startup Index Investor yourself.
You’ll enjoy the upside and power of exits whilst having the comfort of secondary markets as a
liquidation mechanism.

Secondly, you are offered multiple investor benefits that come along with an investment in SBC
Bold Action. You get to immerse yourself in our global innovation ecosystem, get access to
insights, and are able to join the numerous events and activities that we host every year.
Lastly, as many investors at Startupbootcamp do, you can use an investment in SBC Bold
Action as part of your overall investment strategy. By picking ‘winners’ in the portfolio and
doubling down on the investments (in consequent funding rounds when they are more mature),
it is possible to further increase the ROI of your investments.


  • Invest in a diversified portfolio of 90 fast-growing impact startups
  • Benefit from a proven startup de-risking methodology
  • Directly engage with startups & technologies and use this as input for your overall investment strategy


Anyone considering making an investment (to subscribe for Depositary Receipts) is recommended to examine the information memorandum and is advised to carefully consider the risk factors that it describes. Any investment always involves risks since there may always be unexpected developments that adversely affect the returns.

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ISIN-code NL0015000SE3
Financieringsdoel € 2.000.000,00
Vaste prijs € 10,50
Minimum investering € 100.499,00
Maximale investering € 2.010.000,00
Begindatum 1 november 2022
Einddatum 30 juni 2023