How to leverage the press

An essential part of having a successful funding campaign is to leverage the press in order to get your story across to a much broader audience of investors. Using the press to your advantage gives you the possibility to share a much larger part of your story than just the financial campaign.  Therefore, the press has the potential to have a huge impact on your campaign.

Below we address the four steps needed in order to launch a successful funding campaign.

Steps to success:

  1. It’s all about the story
  2. Create the perfect storm
  3. Leverage your media relations
  4. Distribute your content

It’s all about the story:

When your aim is to get your company funded, getting your story across is one of the most important aspects. Investors tend to invest in people. The story you are telling or the problem you are trying to solve must strike a chord with your potential investors. Be clear and concise with your value proposition in order to get investors to participate.

This is especially true when dealing with the press for your funding campaign. In reality, no media outlet will solely focus on your campaign. Therefore, you must address certain aspects of your business that have the potential to make your story resonate with the media.

All marketing related activities during a funding campaign should be done with one goal in mind; getting funded. We are not saying you have to totally exclude your campaign in your press release but mention it as part of a larger story.

If you have a great story to tell and an interesting news angle, there is a good chance the press will focus on your story, which will in turn generate interest.  

Create the perfect storm

Timing is everything when it comes to the press. It is of utmost importance to plan your press release around a newsworthy event. For example, this can be the announcement of a big partnership, a notable investor stepping in or de launch of a new product. This will create the buzz you are aiming for.

Also, it is important to think about what kind of different media channels you want to address.

Leverage your media relations

Press releases are great but they will not provide you with all the coverage you wish for. The release is an added value or a checklist to send to media who are asking for more information.

The way to spread your message in the best manner possible is by choosing around three media platforms of which you know that these platforms will reach your target group. Bloomberg is top notch, but if you are launching a new clothing brand, it might be better to focus on the type of media that covers this more specifically.

Seek journalists who have published in the past on similar subjects. Send them a succinct and simple pitch in which it becomes clear why your story is interesting to them. Try to write the pitch in three paragraphs that each consist of two sentences.

Be aware that telling a journalist that you require publications does not imply that he or she will actually publish your story. Find a reason why their audience will find your story interesting. This can often be done by placing emphasis on the part of your story that their readers will find most interesting.

Distribute content

The moment you have generated some ‘buzz’ with the press, it is important to spread the content across channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and newsletters. This is how your campaign can at some point go viral.

If you work with influential people, you can ask them to post a link to the Nxchange campaign with a text that will enthuse their fans and / or network.

Find ways to activate your second and third degree connections on social media, which will allow you to reach as many people as possible.


Leveraging the press can sometimes mean the difference between failure and success. It's up to you to create the perfect storm that can reach as many relevant people as possible for your Nxchange campaign.