Marketing Checklist

A successful funding campaign

Finding financial investment is not easy. A funding campaign should be conceived from beginning to end. A marketing strategy is necessary. Each detail gives investors information about your company. It is therefore important to dot and cross your proverbial i's and t's before the campaign kicks off.

We have collected various tools to help you put your business on the market effectively. Here is a handy list that you definitely should peruse before launching a campaign.

Please note that these marketing tactics are only applicable to an IPO on Nxchange.

Your company profile

Here is an an example of a company profile.

  • Important business partners
    Well-known business partners lend an air of authority and trust to your campaign. These can be important customers, partnerships, or even suppliers.
  • Team
    Include short but powerful biographies about the members of the board. Ensure that all (major) parties have a complete profile on Nxchange that looks professional, topical and personal.
  • Testimonials
    Select several recommendations from renowned persons that are involved in your business.
  • In the press
    Add messages from external media, in which your company (or sector) is named (newspaper articles, for example).
  • Timeline
    Make sure your timeline is complete and shows only the most important events and milestones of your company.

Analysts Reports

  • Create goodwill with analysts
    Analysts are opinion leaders in the financial world. That is why you've got to keep them happy and well informed about (future) developments within your company.
  • Communicate proactively with analysts
    Shareholder-friendly companies are often popular with lenders. Providing information to analysts (and the community) proactively is one of the ways to show that you consider shareholders important.

Use social media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

In-house marketing

  • Email Marketing
    For many companies, it is of the utmost importance to 'catch' interested people. One way is to think of an incentive that encourages (potential) customers to subscribe to an email newsletter. It is important to send these subscribers relevant and valuable content. And if you should happen to seek funding through Nxchange, even one single mailing can yield many positive results.
  • Use your network
    • Management
    • Advisors
    • Friends and family
  • Company Website
    With Nxchange you can directly sell shares or bonds (and collect money) on your own website. Give this option a (permanent) visible spot on your website. Additionally, announce new issues through an announcement on the website.

Be active in your community

  • Answer questions and comments quickly and clearly in your own community on Nxchange. Take charge and be present. That is where your company wins shareholders (or lenders).