Marleen Everstsz

Marleen Evertsz

CEO, Co-founder

Marleen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nxchange. Previously the Managing Director of proprietary trading firm, Optiver, where she was responsible for all US activities and managed over 150 option traders. Marleen is specialised in building decentralized trading platforms adhering to regulatory compliance to trade any physical asset or security in a peer-to-peer environment.

Alex Butter

Alex Butter

CTO, Co-founder

Alex is the CTO and Co-Founder of Nxchange. He has a proven track record in successfully managing large scale IT projects and building bespoke trading platforms for the financial markets and commodities trading industries. With hands-on experience Alex drives the development and maintenance of mission critical applications.

Koen Beentjes

Koen Beentjes


Former BinckBank CEO Koen Beentjes has a proven track record in building financial businesses and leading innovative financial companies. Being at the forefront of digitalizing and bringing the financial industry on line he had leading positions in ING Direct, ING Card and Binck and was as a supervisory board member deeply involved in the set-up of fintech companies TOM MTF, BeFrank and Think ETF. Koen spent over 20 years with ING and was during 2008 - 2014 CEO of BinckBank. With his background as a certified auditor (RA) the CFO-role brings him back to his roots.

Joris de Vor

Joris de Vor

Head of operations

Joris has been Head of Operations at GoldRepublic and Nxchange since February 2016. He previously worked for a U.S. assets management firm in London as in international Associate, where he was responsible for the Dutch and Belgium market.

Advisory Board

Piet Klaver

Piet Klaver stood at the helm of SHV Holdings, the biggest privately owned family business in the Netherlands. As CEO of SHV Holdings, a Dutch group with an annual turnover of over €14 billion, Piet is highly experienced in operating within a wide range of companies in different sectors such Makro, Mammoet and Nutreco. From 2009 to 2013, Klaver was chairman of the supervisory board of ING Group.

Randal Meijer

From 2008 until 2011, Randal Meijer was CEO of Optiver. Under his supervision, the company became one of the biggest and best-known 'market makers' in the world. After his departure, Meijer set up his own Venture Capital fund.