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Designed in Amsterdam, Fromanteel watches are exquisite Swiss-Made timepieces that come without the exorbitant price tag. We term this as Affordable Luxury.

Emerging from a personal necessity and the mutual passion for watches shared by the two founders, Fromanteel was established in 2009. With over a decade of proven success, the company is now poised for expansion. We possess a lucid vision for the future and growth of Fromanteel.

Being a community-owned and community-driven enterprise, we are excited to extend an invitation for you to partake in our success and become a part of a community filled with individuals who share your enthusiasm.

So, seize this chance to become a co-owner of a renowned watch brand brimming with immense growth potential!


Investments start from €990, and based on your investment amount, we offer some enticing perks:

€1,045 | 19 shares | Co-Ownership of Fromanteel & €100 Fromanteel Voucher

€2,035 | 37 shares | Co-Ownership of Fromanteel & €200 Fromanteel Voucher

€5,005 | 91 shares | Co-Ownership of Fromanteel & Special Edition ‘Investor Watch’

€10,010 | 182 shares | Co-Ownership of Fromanteel & Automatic Special Edition ‘Investor Watch’

€25,025 | 455 shares | Co-Ownership of Fromanteel & Automatic Special Edition ‘Investor Watch’ + Dinner with the Founder, Alfredo Silva.


Suitsupply made Quality Suits Affordable, Fromanteel is doing the same for Watches

Richard Smit
Editor | Amsterdam

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Fromanteel Investment Coöperatie U.A.


Keizersgracht 241-3
1016 EA , Amsterdam , NL


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Press Release
Nov 9 2023
Belangrijke Update voor Onze Certificaathouders - Openstelling Platform voor Verkoop van Certificaten
Press Release
Nov 9 2023
Herwaardering Fromanteel certificaten - Belangrijke mededeling!
Publication General Meeting of Shareholders decisions/ minutes
Oct 11 2023
Publicatie Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders besluiten/ notulen
Nathan Metcalf asked a question about Fromanteel Investment Coöperatie U.A.
January 3 2024 11:04

Dear Alfredo,

In light of the recent update regarding the marketplace on Nxchange.

Can I ask, Why was the decision taken to move from Eyevestor to Nxchange in the 1st instance? As I don't recall seeing a reason behind this.

Shouldn't activation costs etc be something that should have been considered prior to moving from one platform to another as part of due diligence.

Looking back through the community questions, it has been asked on a couple of occassions regarding selling of shares on the platform.

Dec 13th 2022 - We currently have a new issue open. Marketplace is now closed. If we do not have an issue open, shares can be offered on the marketplace.

June 18th 2023 - Question raised on marketplace opening.

Response on June 20th 2023 - We are preparing the documents to open the platform, but this is taking a little longer than expected. Estimated this summer. We are finalizing the 2022 annual accounts and these will be added. There is currently no prospect of a buyout of all shareholders, work is first being done on company growth in size and returns to create an increase in value. Best regards. Fromanteel

I appreciate there was no concrete date but it certainly feels that the goalposts keep moving when it comes to the marketplace.

Why is it only now that you are aware of said activation costs when in June-2023 you were working on preparing documents to open the platform?

In my opinion, all this should have been covered when moving to this platform.

I appreciate you don't have answers currently on the way forward but we would hope that due diligence is carried out and accounted for if in the event a new platform is chosen. Granted this is speculative at this current time.


Fromanteel Investment Coöperatie U.A. was followed by Age Baanstra
December 24 2023 11:23


Previous funding

€300,000.00 investors
Raise source: equity, March 2024
€600,000.00 investors
Raise source: equity, June 2020


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