Stock Exchange as a Service

Integrate Nxchange in your own web environment and offer a full-service exchange platform to your customers

Decentralised exchange

Your customers no longer must go to a central market place. The exchange can be accessed directly from your own web-environment.

Regulation and security

A fully licensed Regulated Market and MTF (AFM) with a robust and state-of-the-art IT platform, real-time settlement and independent custodianship.

Community building

Long-term value creation, instead of short-term profile maximization. More loyalty from your customers and direct and rapid feedback from the investing community.

Hybrid funding possibilities

Give your customers access to hybrid funding facilities and institutional capital by combining access to the capital market with traditional financing.

Listing securities to a stock exchange has never been easier

  • Offer your customers access to the exchange
  • List securities and specify transaction parameters
  • Issue shares or bonds in the primary market
  • Offer issuers a full-service compliance model to manage their listings
  • Keep your community in the loop

FAQ's about Nxchange

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