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October 21 2016 16:18

Sharon van Leeuwen

October 14 2016 23:11

Michiel van Liere

October 11 2016 18:23

J.A. Allart

Fastned Community

October 13 2016 12:18

Fastned B.V. posted an important announcement

Again rapid growth for Fastned in 3rd quarter: Volume +216% YoY

In a Year on Year (YoY) comparison with the same quarter in 2015, Fastned’s revenue and volume grew with triple digits in Q3 of 2016:
// Revenue (EUR) +153% YoY
// Volume (kWh) +216% YoY
// Number of active customers + 99% YoY

Other highlights:
// Introduct...

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Luigi Taddio asked Fastned B.V. a question

Category: Shareholders

can i buy other shares now ?

July 28 2016 12:03

Fastned B.V. posted an important announcement

Exponential growth of Fastned continues

Fastned publishes half year results.

// 368% volume growth compared to the first half of 2015
// 256% revenue growth compared to the first half of 2015 (difference between volume and revenues growth is mostly due to the introduction of free charging)

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July 26 2016 11:30

Fastned B.V. posted an important announcement

Fastned introduces fast-charging for only 19 cents per kWh

With the introduction of the new Power subscription EV drivers can fast-charge their car at Fastned for the same price as they charge at home. With this move Fastned also makes driving electric financially attractive for the 75% of the households in the Netherlands without a private driveway where t...

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May 27 2016 15:39

Peter van Ees wrote a post about Fastned B.V.

Bureau Tim Smit publiceert vandaag een review over Fastned. Focus ligt op de afronding van de plaatsing en het (wellicht kleine?) risico dat investeerders lopen nu nog steeds niet meer dan 5% van de certificaten bij het publiek is geplaatst.

May 23 2016 16:30

Fastned B.V. posted an important announcement

Fastned haalt ruim 3 miljoen euro op via Nxchange

Amsterdam, 23 mei 2016. Fastned, dat bouwt aan een pan-Europees netwerk van snellaadstations voor elektrische auto’s, heeft in de eerste vijf weken van haar notering aan de nieuwe beurs Nxchange 3,07 miljoen euro aan vers kapitaal opgehaald. Hiervoor zijn 307.473 nieuwe certificaten van aandelen uit...

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May 21 2016 16:11

Aart Beijst wrote a post about Fastned B.V.

Gaarne mailen deelname certificaat Fastned.

May 20 2016 18:46

Nxchange posted an important announcement

Public Offering Enrollment Closed

  • The possibility to enroll for the public offering ended on the 19th of May 2016 at 14:00. It is no longer possible to place orders for the public offering;
  • If you have enrolled for the subscription but not yet transferred the payment or validated your account, you can do so until the 23rd of May 2016 at 12:00;
  • On the 23rd of May 2016 between 13:30 and 14:30 it will not be possible to transact on the secondary market for Fastned;
  • The auction will take place on the 23rd of May 2016 at 14:00, after which the pricing statement will be published and the orders settled.

May 19 2016 09:41

I.A. Kleiman-de Jong wrote a post about Fastned B.V.

Vandaag sluit om 14.00 de inschrijving op nieuwe aandelen Fastned.
Wanneer wordt bekend gemaakt hoeveel geld Fastned hiermee heeft opgehaald?

May 10 2016 13:43

Fastned B.V. posted an important announcement

Fastned gaat samenwerking aan met The New Motion. Snelladen bij Fastned nu ook mogelijk met The New Motion pas

Vanaf vandaag is het mogelijk om met de pas van The New Motion te laden bij Fastned. Na het eenmalig invoeren van het betreffende pasnummer in de Fastned app kunnen EV-rijders gemakkelijk laadsessies starten en stoppen met de Fastned app. Betalen gebeurt automatisch via de verzamelfactuur van The Ne...

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